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"Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play…it is war minus the shooting."

George Orwell


So Radamel Falcao has signed for Manchester United! That one took everyone by surprise. I have the privilege of interviewing him last year in Monaco.

Among the things he said were: “I try to lean on God, knowing that He is always there to help me. God has helped me a lot to maintain composure and stay firm in certain moments, good and bad.

“The Bible is a manual for us here on earth to live according to God’s will. It’s full of teaching about what’s best for us, what’s right or wrong, but above all about what God put in place so that we could live vigilantly and be blessed here on earth. I often read Proverbs, sayings of wisdom which produce discernment in me and encourage me to think about what is right or wrong".

“Disappointments are a learning curve. It’s been tough and through the experience of losses, defeats and failure, you realise that life goes on. You can’t afford to stay in past defeats. On the contrary, the opportunity is there to do things better is in the future.

"There is a material world but there is also a spiritual aspect to life. We can have everything but if we’re not satisfied spiritually then it’s as if we had nothing and we feel empty. With Jesus Christ, we can be assured that He will never leave us, He’ll always be there, something which I have experienced in my own life through His faithfulness, love and through showing me that Jesus paid a price for our lives”.

The interview in progress.

Click to download a video based on my interview

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